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Finance System

The financial sector in Bangladesh is continuously evolving towards a more modern and efficient system of finance which is supportive of greater investment and inclusive economic growth. The financial system of Bangladesh consists of The Bangladesh Bank, scheduled banks, non-bank financial institutions, micro finance institutions, insurance companies, co-operative banks, credit rating agencies and stock exchange. Advertisements

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Distance Calculator

Form America Bay Australia (Bay, New South Wales)  to Bangladesh   Distance: 5649.5 miles   9092.0  kilometers   4909.3    nautical miles

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Map of bd

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people of bd

  President: Zillur Rahman (2009) Prime Minister: Sheikh Hasina (2009)   Land area: 51,703 sq mi (133,911 sq km); total area: 55,598 sq mi (144,000 sq km) Population (2010 est.): 158,065,841 (growth rate: 1.2%); birth rate: 23.8/1000; infant mortality rate: 57.8/1000; life expectancy: 60.6; density per sq km: 1,146 Capital and largest city (2003 est.): …

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Facts & Figures

Principal languages: Bangla (official), English Ethnicity/race: Bengali 98%, tribal groups, non-Bengali Muslims (1998) Religions: Islam 83%, Hindu 16%, other 1% (1998) National Holiday: Independence Day, March 26 Literacy rate: 43% (2003 est.) Economic summary: GDP/PPP (2009 est.): $242.4 billion; per capita $1,600. Real growth rate: 5.6%. Inflation: 5.1%. Unemployment: 2.5% (includes underemployment). Arable land: 55.39%. …

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bangladesh was born on 26 march, not 16 december

It was surprising how people all of a sudden greeted “Happy Birthday Bangladesh” this year! From facebook status to SMS to emails and personal conversations, people began to greet each other on “Bangladesh’s Birthday” this year. A real-estate agent even had a big commercial printed on Prothom Alo (page 9, 16 Dec) where the headline says …

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